2018 Year in Review: Blog Highlights and Challenges

2018 Year in Review: Blog Highlights and Challenges

Earlier this week I woke up from a dream that it was early 2019 and my blog was growing. I remember how happy I felt that I had a system in place for growth and was seeing my blog-related numbers rise all around. Honestly though, I’m not sure if I dreamed it or I imagined it to be true using the power of positive thinking.

Whatever it was, I take it as inspiration and a positive premonition for the coming year. When thinking about making progress in the future, I like to take a look at the past to shape my actions and goals, which is why I put together this recap of the year on FP2P.

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A year is a long time to sustain intense effort towards anything. When I devote myself to learning and development in any area of life, I can categorize time into either a growth period or a maintenance period.

After starting From Pennies to Plenty in 2017, I spent a good portion of 2018 in maintenance mode due to other life events. November and December have been surprisingly good for growth on the blog. It’s refreshing to finish the year strong.



I published over 50 posts this year! I honestly can’t believe I wrote that many because I’m a slooooow writer.

Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to have so much more content to share with you on FP2P. Selling on Poshmark was the most popular topic, taking 4 of the top 5 spots for most viewed posts.


I attended Activate EBA Live for the second time this year. Activate is a blogging conference hosted by Ruth Soukup in conjunction with the Elite Blog Academy course.

If you’re a blogger and ever have a chance to attend a quality conference, go for it! I came home with my head filled with ideas for how to progress with FP2P.

Even more special was the friendships and camaraderie I found with fellow bloggers. Working behind a computer can be isolating.

The face-to-face meetings with like-minded people left me motivated and recharged to continue. You can read more about my experience at Activate and my takeaways for blogging and business.

I’ve been lucky to connect with some FP2P readers too. Some of you write to me regularly. It’s nice to be able to learn some names and share stories and other tidbits of our lives.

As a blogger, sometimes it’s hard to imagine who you’re writing to because everything is hypothetical. But talking to individuals about frugal living and reselling things make it a bit more real.


I finally tackled Pinterest as much as one can say that about this ever-changing enigma. After a disappointing half-baked run at Pinterest for most of the year, I sat down over a few days last month and got my Pinterest account in order.

I implemented the Pinterest Launch Plan by Jennifer Maker after sitting on the plan for a few months. I updated my Pinterest profile including updating my old boards, creating new boards, and setting up a pinning schedule with some actual strategy involved.

The results have been great so far. My Pinterest numbers have been going up! This is a work in progress, but I’ll write more about it soon.


Earlier this year I released How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro. I had been getting a lot of questions about thrift shopping and selling.

I wanted to share everything I’ve learned about those topics. I enjoy writing, hence the blog, so an ebook was a natural progression to take those topics into more detail.

I also added a lot of content to the Free Resource Library covering personal finance, side hustling, and blogging. It’s actually one of the things I’m happiest about expanding this year. I plan to add more and more to it as FP2P continues to grow.


This little blog turned profitable this year, which is a wonderful step in the right direction. You probably know by now that I’m obsessed with side hustles. I have lots of ideas in my head and not enough time to do them all.

I decided to stick with reselling thrifted clothing and blogging this year to see what I could do with them. Coming from knowing absolutely nothing about blogging a few years ago, I’m happy to have tackled the blogging business and seen it become profitable this year.

I attribute the profitability of FP2P to affiliate marketing and product sales. My goal is to keep growing these side hustles and see where things go.


I would only be giving you half a picture of my year if I didn’t share some challenges.

Time management

My biggest challenge this year has been managing my time. It’s hard to find enough time to do everything. Do you find this to be a challenge too?

At the beginning of the year, I had an editorial calendar and a regular publishing day with at least 5 posts scheduled for each month. That fell apart as the year progressed and remains a piece of fiction at this point.

The list of things to do keeps growing and I’ve had a hard time getting everything done.


Related to the challenge of time management, I’m still looking for the right productivity systems for me to optimize my time. Earlier this year I wrote about how to make time for your side hustle.

I do a lot of things like blocking time and using timers, but it’s still a real challenge. My favorite system over the past few months has been the 12 Week Year.

Back in late September, I planned out the last quarter of the year on the blog. Believe me, it was pretty ambitious. I’m talking about creating lots of items for the Free Resource Library, writing tons of posts, and taking some courses.

I surprised myself by completing most of it and the 12 weeks are not up just yet. It’s a system I’m going to continue using next year. I’m excited to get going on it!

Wrap Up

While I don’t usually write about blogging on FP2P, it’s become a big part of my life over the past few years. I’ve heard from some of you that you’re interested in starting a blog, or at least curious about how it all works.

It is another side hustle that can be profitable, but as you can see, it takes time and is full of highlights and challenges.

Thank you for joining me this year. I’ve enjoyed hearing from everyone who has written to me by email, in a blog comment, or even in a Poshmark message.

I appreciate those of you who have stopped by just to read a post and then went on your way too. That’s a wrap on my blog year! I hope you have a happy and successful year ahead!