The Best Gifts for the Online Reseller

The Best Gifts for the Online Reseller

Since I started reselling clothes and accessories a few years ago, it’s transformed from a hobby into a profitable side hustle. I love being able to make money from home doing something fun that I love.

I know a lot of women who feel the same way. They’ve recently started selling online and are encouraged to become more successful at it. Other women I know want to start selling online but don’t know where to begin.

Perhaps you know a woman who is interested or already involved in selling online and you want to show her your support. Now that the holidays are here, it’s the perfect time to give a Christmas present that will help her on her reselling journey.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a gift guide of things the reselling entrepreneurial woman needs for her business.

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Digital & Instructional Gift Ideas

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is an amazing resource for the online reseller. You don’t have to worry about going to a store and spending hours of time to pick up a few needed items.

Everything you need is delivered right to you in 2 days or less. Often times items on Amazon cost about the same or less than they do at the store, so you actually save money.

Amazon Prime comes with free 2-day shipping and added bonuses of thousands of free movies, shows, and music for entertainment. Once you have the membership, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Amazon makes running a reselling business and life so much easier. You can give the gift of Amazon Prime for 3 months or 12 months.

How to Thrift Shop Like A Pro

How to Thrift Shop Like A Pro is an instructional guide for the new thrift shopper on how to find the best clothes in thrift stores. Whether you want to build your own wardrobe or find hot items to sell, this ebook gives you tons of tips to locate better items and walk away with great finds in hand.


The world of online selling is fast paced, so books for quick-changing websites and methods my soon be out-of-date. Books on mindset, productivity, and entrepreneurship provide lasting information yet are still helpful for someone trying entrepreneurship.

Picture-taking Products


Backdrops are essential for a more professional looking shot. Before you think that it needs a whole setup of rods and stands, know that I use mine laid down flat on the floor.

Backdrops come in all sorts of colors and designs. One that looks like wood or a plain one in a neutral color works well for most photos.


White rug

White rugs give any item a chic and fashionable look. That’s why so many resellers use them when doing flat lays with clothing and accessories.

This one is nice and white with a plush feel, but you can find one in a variety of sizes and prices.

Dress form

Dress forms are great for showcasing how an item fits without having to model it yourself. After all, you don’t always fit the clothes your selling.

Some clothes don’t look as great in flat lays or hanging on a hanger, whereas a dress form showcases it perfectly.


Lighting kit

One of the hardest things about taking pictures is getting good lighting. If your gift recipient lives in a dark place without great lighting, a lighting kit will let her take pictures at any time of the day.

A lighting kit like this one below is so convenient and helps make items look great.


Gift basket of smaller items

A reseller needs lots of small items to make pictures great. These are a few items that can be packed together into a gift basket or a reseller’s kit.


Accessories make great gifts too. She can wear them with her outfits and use them for photos.

Shipping & Organization Gift Ideas

Printed mailers

Wouldn’t you like receiving one these cute packages in the mail? They are fun and sure to leave a smile on your recipient’s face. The tropical leaves and cactus prints are my favorites.


Tissue paper

Tissue paper is a nice touch for wrapping items to look like presents. They also protect delicate clothing like beadwork and material that can easily snag. I stick to white tissue paper to ensure that color doesn’t bleed onto the clothes I’m sending.

Packaging tape

Packaging tape doesn’t sound exciting but it’s a must-have item for any time you’re shipping in boxes. I even use it to reinforce self-adhesive boxes because you just don’t want them to accidentally open during the shipping process.

Postal scale

How pretty is this pink scale? This is a cute addition to the office of any girly girl and so practical too. You need a scale to weight packages, lest you want to pay too much for shipping or too little and have items returned to you.


Thank you cards

When you’re a reseller, you have to send thank you cards or notes to your buyers. I’m always on the lookout for unique and beautiful stationery to add to my collection.

That way I have plenty of cards ready for when I make those sales. It’s such an easy but thoughtful personal touch!


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Clothes Rack

A clothes rack is a great way to keep clothes wrinkle-free and ready for shipping. This is a good option for those who don’t have a lot of closet space to hang clothes.

Plus, some clothes just look better hanging than folded or laid flat. You can showcase clothes hanging on the rack in your sales listings.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are 100% necessary for the person with lots of clothes to sell but only a small amount of storage space You could make things even easier on yourself by labeling the bins to keep your clothes organized.

Storage bins aren’t too exciting in and of themselves. This could be made into a gift basket or a reseller’s kit filled with other items she needs.

Tech Products


Nowadays most people use their cell phone to take photos for listings. I have a Google Pixel 2 and it takes great photos. Any cell phone camera will do with enough lighting and perhaps some editing if needed.


I bought this HP LaserJet Pro M15w after my old inkjet printer died on me a few months ago. It’s the most inexpensive of the laserjet printers I researched.

It doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles like faxing and scanning capabilities, but it works well for shipping printing labels and other black and white documents.


The ROLLO Label Printer is a dedicated label printer. It prints directly only adhesive shipping labels and can print many in a row. This is the more expensive option but saves lots of time on packaging if you have many sales.


Home Studio & Office Gift Ideas


Does your girl have a sparsely decorated home studio or office space? She’ll love some additions like this unique rose gold lamp.


Inspirational decor

The right decor can go a long way to making a work space welcoming and motivating. In addition to the above lamp, these inspirational cards and this pillow are warm reminders of that your entrepreneurial girl can do it!



If you have lots of cards, reminders, and pictures or you’re just a very visual person, a corkboard will help you keep your space tidy and clutter-free. One of my goals for the new year is to create a vision board using a corkboard bulletin board in my little workspace.

Desk Accessories

This set of desk accessories includes four different organizers in a beautiful rose gold color. Not only will her desk look chic and pretty, but it will be organized too.



My planner keeps me organized throughout the year. Some people prefer blank paged journals for writing down to-do lists, long-term goals, and even random ideas whenever they strike.


Laptop sleeve

This laptop sleeve is thicker than many others out there and for good reason. It will save your laptop in case of a fall.

One of the reviewers even had his laptop fly out of his bag driving on his motorcycle on the freeway. His laptop survived intact. It comes in so many colors that I wanted to buy more than one!


Laptop tote bag

When you’re a top online reseller, you find yourself needing to be online wherever you go. This laptop tote bag is a beauty that makes any woman look modern and sophisticated. It’s appropriate for office work, school, or just casual day-to-day use too.


Portable charger

When you’re listing items or taking pictures of your item and your phone is about to die, it puts a cramp in your productivity. This portable charger will keep you working on your time, not keeping you waiting for your phone to charge.


Is your mind churning with gift ideas? I hope so! Your girl will love these gifts that help her with her online reselling business. She’ll love you too for supporting her entrepreneurship. I use lots of these items to keep hustling along and your girl can too!

Don’t forget to grab your handout on 200+ top-selling brands to know to help you or the reseller in your life make sales!

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