10 Free Blogging Resources to Try Today

10 Free Blogging Resources to Try Today

When you’re a new blogger, you might be wondering how to make this whole blogging thing work to turn your brand-new blog into a successful and profitable one. You have to brainstorm blog posts, write and promote those posts, start an email list, write to your subscribers, try to increase your pageviews, etc. It can all be very overwhelming.

There’s educational material to help you with every aspect of blogging available nowadays, but you’ll likely find that you have to pay for most of it. This is challenging when you’re a new blogger not yet making any money. That’s why today I want to share with you some of my favorite top free blogging resources to help you grow your blog.

 (You probably have to provide your email address in order to obtain the freebies. It’s worth it!)

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1 | How to Make a Blog Free Email Course

This 2-week How to Make a Blog mini-course is amazing! This is my absolute favorite freebie on how to start a blog. It’s packed with so much useful information from the technical side of setting up a blog to introducing social media to your mix.

I’ve stayed on the email list even after the free course because of the helpful information I receive regularly, all for free. (Sign up for the email course using the form on the webpage.)

2 | How to Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Most people use WordPress to start a blog, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to do if you’re not tech savvy. This step-by-step guide will help you get set up and running so that you can move forward on to other aspects of blogging.

3 | The First 10 Steps to a Profitable Blog Checklist

This easy-to-follow checklist goes over the first things you should do when you establish your blog with the intention of monetizing it. It’s easy to overlook some of these things in the hurry to get monetizing, but they’re important for long-term success.

4 | 20 Free (or almost free) WordPress Plugins

If you use WordPress, the next thing to do after setting up your site is to install the right plugins that will make your blog look and function as you’d like. There are lots and lots of plugins available, but they aren’t all good or useful for you. This guide will tell you the best free and almost free plugins so you don’t have to waste your time trialing bad plugins that might negatively affect your blog.


5 | 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas

Not sure what to write about? This resource is packed with 120 awesome blog post ideas to get you back on track or keep your ideas for blog posts flowing. You won’t find yourself running out of ideas for blog posts anytime soon with this resource.


6 | Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success

 This blueprint shows you the steps to take to become a successful blogger. Instead of focusing on doing everything to grow your blog at once, this resource shows you what to do sequentially from refining your message at the start to monetizing your blog and then building your business.


7 | 7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

Sometimes you just want to see some quick profits. Don’t we all! But blogging for sustained profit can take time.  

This resource gives you some ideas for what to do to start seeing profit even sooner. I’m doing the first recommendation right now and seeing some good results from it.


8 | List Love Introduction to List Building

This is another one of the best freebies I’ve ever come across. You might’ve heard by now that having an email list should be a top priority for a blogger. Why is that and how do you start one? This ebook will tell answer these questions and more.

9 | Design Your Blog Growth

This 3-day free course is a challenge to optimize your blog through design. It comes with practical recommendations and challenges to complete to make your blog look and run better.

10 | Free Pinterest Course

Pinterest is a great marketing tool for bloggers, but it can be challenging to optimize it. I didn’t know at the start and struggled with gaining traction on the platform.

Thankfully there’s this free 5-day Pinterest email course to help you get started understanding how Pinterest works so you can take advantage of all that it can do for you.

Aren’t these awesome freebies? I remember how clueless I was about everything when I started blogging. I looked for as many free educational materials as possible to piece together information that would help me grow my blog. I wish these resources had been available to me then. Thankfully they’re available to you now. Grab them while you can and keep on blogging!

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