Master Your Money Super Bundle 2019 Review

Master Your Money Bundle 2019 Review + Bonus

When you’re trying to get your finances in order, you likely need some tools and tips to help you on your journey. Thankfully, Ultimate Bundles launched their first Master Your Money Super Bundle earlier this year. It’s a bundle of over 40 financial resources covering many areas of personal finance.

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I was very interested and curious about the Master Your Money Super Bundle when it first came out because I looooove saving money and helping others do the same. But I know that spending money on this bundle is tough when you’re already on a tight budget.

Plus, being given 40+ resources all at once is overwhelming. So I want to share with you my personal review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle to help you determine if it’s what you need to meet your money goals.

For full disclosure, I’m an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles. This post is my honest review as a consumer of the product. I purchased the Master Your Money bundle (at a discounted price) because I wanted to see what was in it that would help me manage my money better.

I’ve used some of the products on the bundle and reviewed all of them so that I can present you with my review. I hope this will give you more information to see if it will help you too. Plus, if you think it will, be sure to catch the bonus I’m offering at the end of this post.

A real-life guide to financial freedom.

What’s in the bundle?

The bundle consists of 45 resources divided into several more specific topics:

  • Better Budgeting

  • Defeat Debt

  • Family Finances

  • Increasing Your Income

  • Managing Money

  • Money Mindset

  • Saving Money

You can find a complete list of all the resources on this page.

The bundle of 45 products costs $49.97. There is an additional option for cheat sheets, which are abbreviated notes versions of the materials. It’s $59.97 with the cheat sheets included.

I liked the cheat sheets and found them helpful for summarizing content in a limited amount of time. They’re like the cheat sheets used when reading literature in high school or college English class. They an additional expense though and aren’t necessary for using the resources.

Pros of the bundle

  • Lots of information covering many areas of finance. As mentioned above, many topics within personal finance are covered. You’ll find resources about setting up a budget, starting a side hustle, how to publish an eBook on Amazon, saving money on groceries, improving your relationship with money, and more.

    You’re bound to learn something new and useful to you. You’ll learn A LOT if you’re new to frugal living or the personal finance realm.

  • Plenty of tutorials. I’m a huge fan of tutorials for learning anything new. I think that’s where the value comes from paying for any resource. Before I purchase any product, I like to know that it’s going to teach me how to get from Point A to Point B.

    I was happy to find that several of the resources, particularly the higher value courses, came with video tutorials on how to use budgeting tools.

  • Variety of presentation methods. The resources come in several forms: eBook, ecourse, email series, workbooks, and videos. I found the variety enjoyable because I was able to watch videos while multi-tasked around the house.

    I could read the eBooks when commuting to work. Most of the videos come with a written transcript for faster digestion of the content.

  • Value of the bundle! The value of all the products combined is over $1200, but the bundle is only $49. Some of the individual resources cost more than $49 by themselves.

    In fact, my top 5 recommended resources cost $136 total, and there were many more resources that I liked in the bundle.

    I wouldn’t have been able to get all of those resources cheaper. If you learn and implement the material in the resources, you will easily make the back the cost of it.


  • Repetition of information. At its most basic level, personal finance is simple: save more than you spend. So you’ll find that a lot of fundamental information is repeated is many of the materials.

    A lot of people need to hear this information in a variety of ways. If you already have a budgeting system or a way of living that works for you, you might find yourself skipping over this type of repeated information.

  • Some of the content may not apply to you. In an effort to cover many areas of personal finance, you’ll find a wide variety of products and some will likely not apply to you.

    Don’t have student loans or interest in buying a house? You won’t need the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Training course or the DIY Financial Planning: Home Purchase course.

    Go ahead and skip them. You’ll likely find several things that will apply to you though. Take a look at the complete list of resources on the page here.

  • Varied product quality. The resources are made by content creators who are mostly everyday people like you and me. Some are actually certified in some aspect of money management and in general, their resources are more impressive in quality and content.

    Some content creators don’t have access to professional editors to help them refine their products and messages and so their products aren’t quite as high-quality.

  • Having 45 resources can be overwhelming. Some people are overwhelmed by having so many resources that they don’t do anything at all. Or they try to go through all of them and find it’s not the best use of their time.

    More is not always better. In this case, I’d recommend picking 10 or so of the top resources that interest you and tackling those. If you have more time or interest after finishing those, then move on to the next few.

My Top 5 Recommended Products in the Bundle

I love ACTIONABLE content. I want the product to tell me what I need to do and how to do it! That’s what I’m paying for, right? With that in mind, these are some of my favorite products in the bundle. (There are plenty more great ones!)

1 | Busy on a Budget by Cara Harvey (Value $59)

This course starts with getting you in the right money mindset to make changes to your finances. Cara sets you up to manage your own budget with a spreadsheet and a video tutorial on how to use it.

Plus, she provides bonus content on couponing and other ways to save money. I really enjoyed the comprehensive and positive approach she takes through the whole course.

2 | The Ultimate Budget Breakdown by Amy Raines (Value $27)

This workbook is all about how to budget. It’s visually appealing with larger print and bright colors that make it easy to read. The content is solid too with guidance creating a budget, considering irregular income, creating financial goals, and more.

I like Amy’s advice that change takes time. You need to give yourself time to get used to a budget and stay motivated when you want to give up. This workbook is worth the $27 it costs to purchase individually.

3 | Teaching Kids about Money: Practical Ways to Raise Financially Savvy Kids by Brendie Heter ($19)

The presenter, Brendie Heter’s, enthusiasm for teaching about financial education comes through in the presentation. The information is important too if you’re worried about raising your children with good financial habits.

She goes over common mistakes parents make with their children as well as how to answer the hard-hitting financial questions such as why other people have more or better things than them. This video was well worth the hour watching it.

4 | Full-Time RV Finance (Value $3.99)

If you’ve dreamed of RV living, this book will tell you all you need to know to decide if you can do it. It includes tips on how to budget specifically for the RV lifestyle and how to save money even though you’re on the road.

I went from knowing nothing about RV living to feeling like I could get started with RV living tomorrow. The eBook is worth a lot more than $3.99 to me.

5 | Ultimate Money Saving Guide by Lauren Daly (Value $27)

This is a beautifully created workbook with over 250 money-saving tips. It’s easy to read so you can pick out which ones to use for yourself. Each section ends with reflective questions to help you get those tips into action. This is one of the best-presented materials in the bundle.

45 complete eCourses + eBooks to transform your finances.

Who do I recommend this bundle for?

  • You’re having trouble managing your money. More specifically, you’re having difficulty with foundational money management such as creating a budget or cutting back on your expenses. There’s lots of information on these topics that will set you on the right track.

  • If any of the higher-priced individual products speak to you. Several of the resources cost more than $49 individually. You’ll spend less on the bundle than you would to buy that one higher-priced item. It makes sense to buy the bundle and get the item for less with a lot more resources thrown in.

Who don’t I recommend this bundle for?

  • You don’t think you’ll use the products. Most people buy bundles and similar resources like these and never actually do the work required to make the change they want in their lives. Will you sit down and work through the items most important to you?

    If you know you can’t or won’t use the products, go ahead and pass it up. $49 is a lot to spend on something you might not use. It’s better to save your money for something else that you’ll use.

  • You don’t have the money to spend on the bundle. If money is really tight and you can’t afford to buy the bundle right now, every dollar matters. It’s okay to say no to the bundle. I think you might find yourself saving money once you put the resources to use, but you know yourself best.

    This bundle will still be available until early 2020. There will likely be a new bundle next spring. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase financial resources when the time is right for you.

**My Bonus**

If you decide that the Master Your Money Super Bundle is right for you and you purchase it through this review, you’re welcome to my spreadsheet of personal notes on all the resources.

It has my ratings of the items, notes on what they cover, and whether or not I recommend them. Just forward me your receipt and I’ll email my notes back to you.

I hope this review of the Master Your Money Super Bundle has provided you insight into what the bundle offers and what it can do for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it as well, so please share!

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