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While you’re here, I want to share with you my best tricks and tips for thrift shopping.


Grab your copy of How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro: A Guide to Finding Thrifting Gold for only $9!

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Do you frown at what you're wearing when you look in the mirror each morning, but hate spending tons of money on clothes that might not fit you or your style?

Do you leave thrift stores exasperated at having found nothing after browsing the racks for hours?

Thrift shopping for the best clothes and accessories takes time and effort, especially if you want to find things to resell. That's why I wrote How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro. 

Take the extra work out of thrift shopping, so you can...

  • Walk confidently down thrift store aisles and spot fashionable clothing.

  • Open your closet in the morning excited about deciding what to wear. 

  • Check your bank balance and smile realizing how much money you've saved on clothing.

  • Stock your online store with more on-trend items. 

In this book, I share with you everything I do to get the best finds at the thrift stores. That’s how I’m able to dress in style and run a profitable side hustle reselling thrifted clothes online. I want the same for you too! Happy shopping!

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Grab How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro for only $9

***Use the promo code 5DAYSDISCOUNT at checkout.***