Awaken the Frugal Fashionista in You

How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro


  • You frown at what you're wearing when you look at yourself in the mirror each morning, but you can't bring yourself to shop for new clothes because you hate spending tons of money on clothes that don't fit you or your style.

  • You sigh in exasperation as you leave a thrift store with nothing in hand after an hour of browsing the racks. You don't know what to search or even what looks best on you.

  • You're depressed because you resell thrifted items for a profit, but no one is buying. You long for a way to find more hot items to sell so you can increase your profits.

Then this book is for you!


How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro: A Guide to Finding Thrifting Gold is your guide to tackling the thrift store and finally seeing the results you want from thrift shopping.  


After reading this ebook, you'll know the tips and tricks to thrift shopping. Imagine yourself...

  • Walking confidently down thrift store aisles, sifting quickly through the racks, and spotting armfuls of fashionable clothing.

  • Opening up your closet in the morning excited about choosing what to wear because you've grown your wardrobe to fit your style without going over your budget.  

  • Smiling as you check your bank balance and realize how much you've saved because you're spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars less on clothing now.

  • Excitedly stocking your online store with even more on-trend items. Because more hot items means more sales and more profit, right?