The Brands I Sold on Poshmark – Spring 2019

The Brands I Sold on Poshmark – Spring 2019

Another quarter has passed and half the year is over! I’m always amazed at how quickly time flies. Does that mean I’ve been having fun? Well, this quarter has had its ups and downs when it comes to selling on Poshmark. Let me share with you an update on what has sold and my recent thoughts about the platform.

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Recent thrift store finds

By the way, I added this video below to show you what I found at the thrift store recently. These items haven’t sold yet, as I have to get them listed. But I wanted to share them with you so you can see even more of what’s available out there!

Just wanna see what I sold instead? Skip below to take a look!

What I sold spring quarter

Below are some of my most interesting finds over the last few months. I’ve tried to showcase a wide variety of brands in case you’re looking to learn more brands that sell.

NWT Madewell Texture & Thread mockneck top

Early on when I started selling, I couldn’t stock enough Madewell items in my closet. They’d sell quickly for easy sales. Now most Madewell items sit in my closet and I can’t get rid of them. That’s made me more selective of the Madewell items I buy to resell.

I skip the plain shirts and anything in worse than good condition. I go for the most popular styles and items like this top, which is new with tags. It wasn’t cheap to being with at $8.99, but I had an idea that this one would sell for more.

Bought: $8.99 / Sold: $29 / Profit: $14.21

Bought: $8.99 / Sold: $29 / Profit: $14.21


Wildfox elf in pocket shirt

Wildfox is one of those fun trendy brands popular with teens and young adults. Their clothes usually have whimsical designs and sayings like “Will you be my galentine?” and “Monday mourning”. I like to pick up Wildfox if I can find it cheap. This shirt was only $1.50.

Bought: $1.50 / Sold: $11 / Profit: $6.55

Bought: $1.50 / Sold: $11 / Profit: $6.55


Show Me Your Mumu La Jolla swimsuit

I’m always on the lookout for this brand when I go shopping. Show Me Your Mumu has really on-trend styles. I was lucky to find this Mumu Mermaid La Jolla swimsuit in perfect condition. I took it home, washed it, listed it, and it sold within a few days.

Bought: $4 / Sold: $29 / Profit: $19.20

Bought: $4 / Sold: $29 / Profit: $19.20


Lilly Pulitzer Rosalina maxi dress

Lilly Pulitzer is another one of my favorite brands to sell. I’ve noticed that Lilly Pulitzer items don’t move as quickly as they used to. I have more sitting in my closet for longer than they used to. I’ve passed on some Lilly Pulitzer items lately considering the condition of the item, the type of clothing it is, the print, and the age of the item.

This maxi dress was popular, gaining a lot of likes over the week or so that it was posted. Someone offered $32 and I gladly accepted given that this dress had some mild wear including a small hole at the seam, which I disclosed in the listing.

Bought: $10 / Sold: $32 / Profit: $15.60

Bought: $10 / Sold: $32 / Profit: $15.60


Draper James striped dress

I’ve only found Draper James twice in all the time I’ve been thrift shopping. I don’t think it’s a popular brand where I live. The two items I’ve found have been unique prints or styles and in good condition. Both sold quickly.

I think listed this dress for $37. The first offer I received was for $20. I’m thankful I didn’t take it because another offer for $30 came along soon after. I accepted that because $7 off is pretty much just me covering shipping.

Bought: $9.99 / Sold: $30 / Profit: $14.01

Bought: $9.99 / Sold: $30 / Profit: $14.01


NWT Tigerlily Nikita playsuit

I hadn’t heard of Tigerlily before this purchase. It’s a brand from Australia that has on-trend swimwear and other women’s clothing. This playsuit sold within minutes of listing it. I should have listed it for more!

I’ve noticed a lot of great brands coming out of Australia like Faithfull the Brand, Her the Label, and Keepsake the Label. Keep an eye out for those brands because they sell like hotcakes around here.

Bought: $4 / Sold: $25 / Profit: $16

Bought: $4 / Sold: $25 / Profit: $16


NWT Molo Carla bouncing birds dress

How cute is this dress? Molo is considered higher-end clothing for children with dresses commonly costing between $70-100.

I figured that this dress would sell since it still had its tags and this style was sold out online. The unfortunate thing is that this was in the women’s section, which is why it was priced so high.

Bought: $6.99/ Sold: $18 / Profit: $7.41

Bought: $6.99/ Sold: $18 / Profit: $7.41


NWT Eberjey Summer of Love romper

Eberjey has been on my BOLO (be on the lookout) list since I started thrifting. I’ve only come across it a few times and never in good enough condition to buy.

This romper retails for $179 at full price. I probably could’ve waited for a better offer but wanted to make some quick sales and clear out my closet.

Bought: $8.99 / Sold: $28 / Profit: $13.41

Bought: $8.99 / Sold: $28 / Profit: $13.41


Agent Provocateur casual pants

Agent Provocateur is a British luxury lingerie brand that has been on my BOLO list for forever. Some of their clothes sell for hundreds of dollars at retail.

I had to buy these pants when I saw them. Only when I got home did I realize the lace was more damaged than I thought. It still sold for a profit, so I was happy about that.

Bought: $6.99 / Sold: $20 / Profit: $9.01

Bought: $6.99 / Sold: $20 / Profit: $9.01


BlackMilk Unicorn's Garden overalls

This is another Australian brand to keep in mind. The clothes have really fun prints like this unicorn themed overalls. Popular prints sell for a lot second-hand. I think these overalls retail for $120 AUD (about $84 USD) and I sold this for $85 on Poshmark.

Bought: $10 / Sold: $85 / Profit: $58

Bought: $10 / Sold: $85 / Profit: $58


First Rite shirt

First Rite is a small brand based in San Francisco. I don’t know how to describe the style of their clothes. I just know that the style is popular. Their clothing is also high-priced at retail.

I priced this shirt at $20+ because it didn’t have a size tag and I couldn’t find any related pieces for sale. I wasn’t sure anyone would want it. It sold within minutes of my listing it. Next time I know to price higher with this brand.

Bought: $6 / Sold: $20 / Profit: $10

Bought: $6 / Sold: $20 / Profit: $10


Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs Versailles dress

This is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever sold. I pass on a lot of items by Anthropologie and its associated brands now because they haven’t been selling well for me. They sit much longer than they used to and sell for less than than they used to too. This dress though, I had to get because it was so pretty.

Moulinette Soeurs puts out some of the nicer Anthropologie pieces. I love seeing what styles I find at the thrift store from this brand specifically.

Bought: $14.99 / Sold: $49 / Profit: $24.21

Bought: $14.99 / Sold: $49 / Profit: $24.21


Stone Cold Fox Stratus jacket

Do you ever have those moments where you look at something you purchased and think, “Why did I buy that?” That happened to me with this jacket. This was another brand on my BOLO list that I had never found before.

That swayed me to purchase it even though it was in fair condition. The starting price was already a stretch given the condition. I listed it and the minute someone made an offer, I accepted it.

Bought: $10 / Sold: $18 / Profit: $4.40

Bought: $10 / Sold: $18 / Profit: $4.40


This quarter had a lot of small sales with low profits (<$10) an item. Some people don’t mind small sales. A dollar earned is a dollar more than they had to start.

I don’t mind small sales much either because they really add up to more noticeable profits. But I do like having some big-ticket items sell to contribute to that bottom line.

Taxes and shipping increase

While this quarter had its ups and downs, it was disappointing for me overall. My items aren’t selling for as much as they used to. The brands that used to be quick movers aren’t moving so quickly anymore.

I think part of the reason is that popular brands and trends change over time. The other issue is that Poshmark started charging sales tax in April and increased shipping to $6.79 in February. All that amounts to more cost for the buyer.

The seller can cover some of that by lowering the price of the item or offering discounted shipping. The money has to come from somewhere though. When you as the seller cover some of the cost, the result is lower profits.

Mystery boxes

Another thing I found disappointing this quarter is my experience with two major mystery boxes by thredUP and Goodwill. I’m a cautious person by nature, and having been reselling for several years now, I knew the odds were against me getting good mystery boxes that were worth my money.

I was just hoping that I’d get lucky and receive some gems to sell. Besides a handful of items that I’d consider worth reselling, I got lots of run-of-the-mill brands and items that haven’t been able to resell or don’t find worth listing.

It’s assured at this point that I won’t be making my money back on those mystery boxes. I find better items when I go to the thrift store and shop for items myself. I’ll be sticking to that for now.

Held a sale

I held a sale for the first time in my Poshmark closet. I had over 150 items available for sale earlier this quarter, which is a lot considering that I live in a small place and don’t have much storage space. I had to get rid of a lot of the items that had been sitting in my closet.

I took a break from sourcing for much of June and put about half my closet on sale 3/$25. The items have slowly been clearing out. I’m most looking forward to sourcing again!

If you find yourself with a stale closet, there are a number of things you can do. One is to change up your cover photos. You can relist your items. You can also hold a sale to hopefully get things moving.

Poshmark Affiliate Program

The last thing I’ve come to learn is the extent of the Poshmark Affiliate Program. When the program started, the guidelines stated that PM users would be eligible to do a campaign once every 90 days. That means most people would make a maximum of $40 a year.

That hasn’t been the case at all! In fact, some people have done campaign after campaign and racked up the cash and PM credits. So if you’re not already an affiliate and have the option to become one, I recommend joining and trying it out.

The pay is more and more often becoming PM credits versus cash. But it only takes a few minutes to create an Instagram post. And you can use the credits to buy things for yourself or stock your closet with items that will resell well.

That’s a wrap on the spring quarter for me. Let me know how you did!

What sold for you this quarter? What worked and didn’t work for making sales?

By the way, I created this handout on 200+ top-selling brands to know to help you find the best thrifted items so you can make more sales. Click on the button below to grab your copy!

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