17 Best Brands to Sell on Poshmark

17 Best Brands to Sell on Poshmark

When I come across talk about Poshmark, the question that always comes up is what sells well on the platform. That leads to a discussion about the best-selling brands.

I put together this list of 17 top brands to sell on Poshmark to help answer that question. A lot of people don’t know what to sell when starting their closets. I had to do some research to learn about popular brands and trends when I started selling.

Now I have my go-to brands because some are easier to acquire than others, but I’m always on the lookout for these best-selling brands below.

Before I get into the list, consider a few things:

  • There are hundreds of brands that sell well on Poshmark. Poshmark caters to women, men, and children. Now there’s a home goods market and even a back-to-school market. Each of these have their own top brands that sell well.

    Poshmark is going to continue opening new markets, meaning even more brands and items that will sell well on the platform.

    I’ve listed mostly women’s brands here. There are many other brands out there that sell well in the women’s market and other markets. Don’t feel disheartened if you’re not able stock your closet with these brands.

What sells for one person may not sell for another. Some people say certain products and brands like women’s jeans fly out of their closet, while others can’t give them away if they try.

The brands I’ve listed here are some of the top selling brands on Poshmark, but you’ll find some people have more success with one brand over another. Try out different brands and styles to see what sells best for you!

Consider the item type and condition, not just the brand. The type of item and its condition matter too. With most brands, the rarer and in-demand styles sell better than the stuff that looks like it came from anywhere. New or like new items sell better than those that are worn.

Keep your costs low no matter the brand. The only way to make money on Poshmark is to sell an item for more than it cost to acquire. Don’t forget that Poshmark takes its commission too.

Check how much items are selling for before purchasing them to resell. Then buy them only if you can make money from them. This is true no matter the brand or item.

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1 | Eloquii

Eloquii is a women’s plus-size apparel brand. Items are reasonably priced at retail and stylish. Most items sell for under $50. Dresses tend to sell for more, particularly if they’re new.


2 | Torrid

This is another favorite plus-size brand to sell. Items are similarly priced to Eloquii and easy enough to acquire. This brand is quick mover if you can get it cheap enough to resell it.


3 | Kate Spade

Kate Spade features clothing, accessories, purses, home goods, and other items that appeal to women across age groups and demographics. Kate Spade bags are especially in demand.

They’re well-made and come in a variety of sizes and styles from classic black totes to fun animal themes clutches and wallets. It’s no wonder why Kate Spade items are so popular and great to resell.

kate spade-min.png

4| Tory Burch

Tory Burch similarly sells clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories that many women love but at higher retail prices than Kate Spade. A handbag or shoes in excellent condition are sure to sell. Watch out though because this brand is heavily counterfeited.

5 | Lululemon

Lululemon is one of my favorite brands to resell. Lululemon has tons of loyal followers who can’t get enough of the brand. The clothes are on trend and made well for movement.

I find that leggings and shorts sell better than straight or wide leg pants. Bottoms tend to sell better than tops unless it’s a rare print or style.


6 | Free People

Free People sells boho style women’s clothes, accessories, swimwear, and more. Think Coachella fashion.

The best sellers of this brand are the boho dresses, which typically run over $100 to $500 at retail.

7 | Johnny Was

Johnny Was is another luxury boho and vintage-inspired fashion brand. Sense a trend here?

Tops run over $100 for t-shirts and over $200 for other tops. Dresses and jackets are additional hot sellers. Note that Johnny Was has multiple collections so the brand tags look different on different pieces.

Johnny was-min.png

8 | Nike

Keeping with the growing trend of athletic wear, Poshmark has shared that Nike is one of their top selling brands. Both Nike clothing and footwear are in demand.

A look at recent Nike items sold on Poshmark shows that resale prices tends to be low (less than $30), but the brand does move. Just keep cost low here when acquiring Nike items and you’ll see sales.


9 | Reformation

Reformation started in 2009 with the goal of making clothing from sustainable materials. The brand has grown in popularity since then and now has a cult following. Its retail prices are frequently over $100 an item, which makes for higher resale prices.

10 | Off-White

Off-White is a women’s and men’s wear brand combining streetwear and high-end fashion. Items retail for hundreds to thousands of dollars, making them high value on the second-hand market. This is one brand you want to get your hands on if you can.

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11 | For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemons is another of my favorite brands to resell. They’re known for their feminine dresses and lingerie, but they have other clothes as well. Items sell for hundreds of dollars at retail. So if you sell it, they will come.

12 | Fjallraven

Have you seen Fjallraven backpacks? You know, the square-ish shape backpacks with back straps, handles, and circular Artic fox logo?

They’re made of high-quality material and also functional. They sell like hot cakes, so sell them if you can.

13 | Golden Goose

Golden Goose sneakers checks all the boxes – made of leather, distressed, street style, and comfortable. These shoes run hundreds of dollars at retail and even second-hand.

14 | Rothy’s

Rothy’s is a shoe brand that makes flats from recycled water bottles. They’re lightweight, flexible, machine-washable, and come in lots of styles to go with every outfit.

Because they retail for $125-165, Rothy’s fans turn to Poshmark to get them cheaper. Just make sure you’re selling authentic shoes.


15 | Tieks

I can’t forget to mention Tieks. Tieks shoes come in only one style – the ballet flat – but many different colors and patterns. Its fans swear this is the most comfortable shoe there is.

At over $100 to $345 a pair, many fans search Poshmark to find them cheaper. These shoes regularly sell for $100 or close to it second-hand.


16 | Levi’s

This classic jeans brand is still a top seller today in both the men’s and women’s markets. Resale value depends on the style, but you can count on Levi’s to be comfortable and made for wear.


17 | Mother

Mother is another jeans brand that buyers can’t get enough of right now. They retail around $200 a pair, making them prime for the resale market.

Meghan Markle was seen wearing these jeans too, making them even more in-demand. The high-waist, distressed, and frayed styles are top sellers.

Put these brands on your BOLO (be on the lookout) list and do a cheer when you come across these items. You’re gonna make some $$$ on Poshmark!

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