5 Clothing Brands I’ve Learned to Resell

5 Clothing Brands I’ve Learned to Resell

Over the past several months, I’ve tried to grow my closet and expand my offerings with the intention of making more sales. I’ve been taking chances on brands that I previously didn’t sell, either because I didn’t think they would sell well or I didn’t know about them. I’ve come away with a few surprises that I want to share with you here today. What are these brands? Take a look…

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Everlane focuses on selling modern wardrobe essentials. The company opened a store on Valencia St. in San Francisco earlier this year. Valencia St. has its mix of trendy restaurants, independent bookstores and cafes, and clothing stores popular with working professionals like techies. If a shop opens on that street, it’s worth taking note because it’s probably a popular, on-trend brand. 

I passed by the store this spring and saw a line of people outside waiting to enter. The only other time I see this is at the Kate Spade outlet store. Kate Spade is a hot brand to resell. After that, I started looking for Everlane on my thrift shop outings.

I’ve found a good mix of Everlane items. I skipped the plain tees and went for the more unique and higher-priced items.

Everlane trench coat.png
Everlane shirt dress
Everlane sweater.png


ModCloth specializes in selling indie and vintage-inspired clothing. I had heard of this brand many times before but hadn’t thought much about it. Then one day I came across a ton of ModCloth clothing at the thrift store.

These items were in great condition, some even new with tags. Some were plus size, which I know tends to sell well at resale. I purchased a few items to try selling and they sold well within the next few weeks. Now I keep my eye out for this brand every time I shop.

Below are two skirts I've sold recently. The fall foliage skirt sold for $30.

ModCloth red bird skirt
ModCloth fall foliage skirt


Pomandere is an Italian brand of women’s clothing. I came across Pomandere when I saw this blazer at the thrift store. It's cut and material stood out as quality. It had European sizing too. Any time I see European sizing on an item, I do a double take because it’s often an upscale brand and may resell well. This blazer sold for $40.

Pomander blazer

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You might think it’s obvious to sell Zara. I had heard some people have good success with it. It’s not hard to come by either, as I’ve seen plenty of items from this brand in the thrift stores.

The reason I chose not to sell it previously is that I came across basic pieces often in less-than-stellar condition. I’m talking about a t-shirt here and a blouse there, nothing unique like a nice dress or coat.

Then a few months ago, I came across this tote bag at the thrift store. I saw how much Zara bags are selling for online, and I know that in-demand tote bags sell well. Bags take a lot of wear and tear, so if you find one that’s in excellent shape, consider yourself lucky.

Zara tote bag


ASOS is another of those popular brands right now. I passed up this brand and its associated lines in the past because their starting prices are generally low. My perception of ASOS is that it’s fast fashion similar to Forever 21 and H&M.

My eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful dress when I saw it hanging on the rack at the thrift store. I looked up past sold prices for it and knew this would sell for a profit. It sold within a few days of being listed.

Not everything from ASOS sells well. The items are trendy but not don’t always cost a lot at retail to start. As usual, it depends on the line and the item.

ASOS Chi Chi London dress

I’m always trying to lessen my workload while increasing my profits. Basically, I want to make life easier for myself. I’m sure you do too!

When it comes to resale, one way to do that is to find better items to resell. These are items that are in higher demand and will give you a bigger return for your time and effort. You can do this by learning different brands of clothing or even more variety of items to resell.


How to find new brands to resell?

  • Look at what stores are popular and opening. Every time I walk down a popular shopping street in town, I take note of the stores there and trends that I see. That’s how I took notice of Everlane.

  • Browse the brands for sale at department stores or on online shops. Sites like Revolve and Moda Operandi sell some of the most in-demand brands.

  • Look at what people around you are wearing. I notice a lot of people out in athleisure wear, whether they’re going to work out or not. Popular well-selling brands include Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, and ALO Yoga.

  • Check out fashion magazines and blogs. What are celebrities and influencers wearing?

  • Research brands as you come across them. There are thousands of brands out there that can sell well for you. You’re sure to come across brands you’ve never heard of before while thrift shopping. A quick online search will tell you if it’s worth picking up the item or not.


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What has your experience been selling the above brands? What brands have you discovered sell well lately?

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